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6 Things to Know About Being a Medical Office Assistant

A medical office assistant is usually the first point of contact when a patient comes to see a doctor. They can perform many roles like medical supply specialist, unit secretary, patient coordinator or a medical office specialist depending upon the office. Here are few things that you should be aware of about being a medical office assistant.

1. Your duties will vary depending upon the size and location of the facility you are working with. It can be anything from answering the phone call, scheduling of appointments or checking in patients at the front desk to compiling their medical records or transferring lab results to the appropriate clinics.

2. If you plan to work with a bigger hospital, then your role will be clearly defined as you will be part of a bigger team.

3. Working in smaller clinics leads to a heap of duties, but mostly these clinics are open only in the evenings and you can expect a better work-life balance. Also, you don’t normally face extreme life or death situations, which are a part and parcel of bigger establishments.

4. Generally bigger hospitals provide better pay, but then you should be ready to work in night shifts and on weekends too, as these hospitals work round the clock.

5. Working with a private doctor’s office requires you to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. You might be attending to a patient at the front desk when the doctor needs you for something and the phone also rings. You are required to prioritize immediately and complete all tasks without getting overwhelmed.

6. As a medical practitioner, besides having the required qualifications, you need patience and skills to multitask in addition to customer service skills.

The basic role of a medical assistant is to bridge the gap between the front-end and back-end services, and your success depends upon how successfully you bridge this gap. Healthcare is a booming industry today and you can be a part of it even if you can’t handle a job directly related to patient care, usually meant for doctors. Join as a medical practitioner and enjoy a stable job that has decent pay and provides an opportunity to help others.

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