Next-Generation Vanquish ME Device from BTL Aesthetics Reduces

In this so-called world of fitness freaks, the maximum number of human population is still overweight. This exploding fat could be clearly detected in selective regions of abdomen, thighs, triceps, neck cheeks etc. We idealize the slim celebs with toned figure and 6 pack abs but never attempt to embody them. You don’t need to go that far, you just need a way to squeeze that belly in. Only if there was some device which could do that for you? Well, there is.

The Vanquish ME is a contactless device used for fat cell disruption. The technology is widely used as the largest treatment region in the entire industry which ensures prime patient comfort and safety.

A study compared the efficiency of BTL Vanquish ME with its ancestral version. The research found that the redesigned BTL Vanquish ME by BTL Aesthetics was more effective in delivering harmonious energy to the targeted tissue. As the result, the said version was 53 percent more effective in reducing fat cells. The device is FDA approved for the special areas of abdomen and thighs.

The study took place in multiple centers and was led by Nicole Hayre, Peter Jenkin, and Melanie Palm. They aimed to compare the outcome of noninvasive radiofrequency exposed from Vanquish ME and its predecessors on 2 groups. A total of 36 people was selected as subjects with a body mass index between 24 and 30. They were subjected to receive a 45-minute treatment per week. Every subject’s abdominal fat was measured, first before the test and then after each session. There were no changes made in the subject’s diet throughout the course of the study.

The main comparable aspect was the fat level reduction after one month of the treatment. The outcome was measured by an ultrasound machine. As a combined result both the group’s noticed remarkable reduction in fat layer thickness. The old version showed a 0.07mm to 10.4mm reduction in abdominal fat on the other had the new version reported the reduction at 2.0mm to 6.6mm.

To avail this productive treatment, visit any cosmetic clinic in Sylmar. The technology will not torture you with heavy labor or starve you to death, 4 times a week and your fat level start dropping. This might be the most consumer-friendly fat reduction treatment every introduced in the medical industry.

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