Types of Medical Doctor

You might call them just doctors but there is a lot more to a doctor’s work. Almost every doctor specializes in a particular field making him a specialist in that area. Currently, there are a several hundred areas where doctors are honing their craft and becoming an expert. If you search Medical doctors near me, you will find all types of doctors, masters in their area.

This concentration in one area has segregated doctors into different categories, some of these categories are-


This is the type of doctor with expertise in all conditions of heart and blood vessels. They are largely approached for problems like heart failure, high blood pressure, etc.


They are largely known to treat diseases circling the immune system of one’s body. They are more suited for treating problems like asthma, eczema, food allergies, and others.


These type of doctors gives you medication to ease out on pain before a surgery of childbirth. Their work is to monitor one’s vital organs after giving anesthesia.


A Dermatologist is all about treating problems related to skin, nails, and hair. They are largely focused on problems like skin allergies, acne, removing mole and fading scars.


The doctor specializing in digestive issues, organs like stomachs, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder are largely covered by a Gastrologist. You might see them for problems like diarrhea, jaundice, ulcers, and abdominal pain etc.

Emergency Medicine specialists:

Apparently, they are the doctors under the most pressure, as they make life and death decisions for the sick or injured patients in the emergency. Their main job is to save lives and minimize the chance of disability.


A hematologist largely specializes in the diseases related to blood, lymph glands, anemia and more.


What do you say a person who fixes brain? A neurologist of course. Their line of work largely focuses on issues related to the brain, spinal cords, nerves etc. They are largely approached for diseases like strokes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.


The oncologist is cancer specialists, they specialize in conducting chemotherapies and assist radiation oncologist and even surgeons for cancer treatment.


They are an eye specialist who specializes in prescribing glasses and contact lenses. They are more into curing disease like Glaucoma.


A pediatrician is known to provide treatment for kids. Right from being a toddler to becoming young adults, a pediatrician is the best doctor for child care. In the medical office in Sylmar, pediatricians help teens to develop strong character.

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