Is Vanquish ME Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Favorable for You?

Many people, of all ages, face issues with weight loss as diets, exercise or even medication are unable to fight the ‘battle of the bulge’. They are unable to trim the fat that has accumulated on their abdomen and thigh area. This fat may also lead to a host of problems and reducing it is a necessity. Though there are several surgical procedures such as liposuction and bariatric surgery available, many people are afraid of going under the knife, even if it is minimally invasive. In such a scenario, BTL Vanquish ME comes across as the best choice.
It uses the latest technology in the field of weight loss management. Unlike liposuction, which sucks the fat cells and adipose tissue out of the affected area, this form of treatment works on disrupting the fat cells, loosening them and giving the body a chance to expel them. Liposuction may cause saggy skin as well as skin folds, while bariatric surgery may affect the dietary intake of individuals. The BTL Vanquish, on the other hand, loosens the cells giving the body to expel them over a period of time, giving the stretched skin time to revert to its original form and there is no effect whatsoever on the person’s diet.
But, instead of comparing the two, let’s focus on why BTL Vanquish Me can be beneficial for you.

  • The second generation technology offers an unparalleled level of comfort for all patients
  • A minimum BMI is not essential. Every person wanting to fight the accumulation of fat can undergo the procedure
  • Flank-to-flank body treatment ensures that there are no lines of demarcation or unevenness on the skin
  • It is a non-invasive procedure which uses heat to disrupt the fat cells
  • There is no downtime, which means you can schedule your appointments without interrupting your daily routine
  • The procedure is relaxing as the patient is lying on their back and will only feel a heat sensation in the treated areas
  • Though 3-4 sittings may be required depending on the patient’s need, this non-invasive procedure costs much less than invasive procedures, making it affordable

Though you now know the advantages, it is equally important for you to know the exact workings of the BTL Vanquish ME.
How does it work?
The technology uses patented Selective RF™ technology. As mentioned above, the procedure works on disrupting fatty cells which have accumulated in the abdomen or thigh regions. Selective heating of adipose tissues leads to the shrinkage and elimination of the fatty cells. With this technology, physicians can reduce the circumference of the affected areas.
A weight loss doctor in Los Angeles will not only suggest this procedure to people fighting obesity but also to people who are well within their BMI index but are unable to get rid of their fat pockets.

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